Mitch Ross

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.—RabbleHealth, a digital patient engagement company, has announced the appointment of Mitch Ross, former Vice President, Individual and Family Plans for Kaiser Permanente, to its Advisory Board. Mitch is a resident of Camarillo, Calif.

“I am very excited to join the RabbleHealth team and support their work to empower patients and their families when making shared decisions about their health care,” said Mr. Ross, adding, “I am honored to be affiliated with an organization whose sole mission is to make a difference and improve the health and quality of life for patients and their families during their most critical time of need.”

“We are incredibly excited to learn from Mitch. Health plans are an important partner in the delivery of care to people with cancer. By gaining a greater appreciation for how healthcare delivery systems work, and optimizing the interaction between patients, providers, and payers, our aim is that myRabble™ becomes an indispensable component of patient care navigation. We are excited to tackle this opportunity with Mitch and to welcome him formally to our Board of Advisors,” said Aubrey Kelly, CEO of RabbleHealth.

Mitch is an experienced healthcare executive, consultant, and advisor. Throughout his 35-year career, he has helped organizations navigate the healthcare landscape and implement strategies for growing revenue and achieving sustainable results.