New Patient-Centric Clinic Wraps Build in OC

By HCO Staff

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Interior architecture and planning firm H. Hendy Associates (Hendy) announces the completion of a new state-of-the-art patient-centric destination for global lifestyle medicine company Metagenics Clinic in Aliso Viejo. The 5,000-square-foot Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center creates an innovative healthcare experience and transforms how primary care is delivered by enabling doctors and patients to take a 360-degree approach to their patients’ overall health and wellbeing. The new facility is adjacent to the Metagenics corporate office located at 25 Enterprise and is open for medical visits as well as chiropractic, lifestyle education, massage therapy, lab work and more.

Dedicated to scientific discovery, unparalleled quality and practitioner partnerships, the design of the space distinctly captures Metagenics’ desire to support the continued advancement of functional medicine through empowering patients to better understand and develop the health skills necessary to advance the state of their metabolic, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical function. The space takes a novel approach to a traditional medical facility, encourages the elimination of barriers between doctor and patient and empowers clients to take charge of their health journey.

“When we were hired by Metagenics to create a solution that addresses their primary business challenge of making an even greater impact on their patients’ lifelong health goals, we immediately took on the task,” said Jeep Pringsulaka, LEED AP and senior designer at Hendy. “Hendy believes in the power of listening and learning to unlock a great design that uniquely fuels our clients’ business success. We’re privileged to have played a part in helping Metagenics create an inspiring environment that accelerates their commitment to personalized healthcare – an innovative approach to medicine that’s tailored to individual needs and capabilities – and focuses on supporting patients throughout the journey to optimal health.”

Hendy worked closely with the Metagenics Clinic team to unearth the company’s key goals, vision and patient and doctor needs. This work allowed Hendy to layout key spaces needed and helped inform the interior architecture and design of the facility. The result is an unconventional, experience-driven clinic that enables patients to feel welcome and comfortable as soon as they enter the front door and empowers them to take charge of their own health journey.

The new center features 11 exam rooms, three large rooms for chiropractic care, two lifestyle education spaces for nutrition, life coaching and telehealth and a waiting area complete with a digital check-in system, pharmaceutical counter and dispensary. Exam rooms are equipped with large HDTV screens controlled by iPads to enable real-time review and discussion of healthcare results between doctor and patient.

With the goal to create a clinic that exudes health and wellness, Hendy was tasked to incorporate myriad biophilic design elements. These included a living green wall, natural light, art of scenic California landmarks and the use of natural walnut wood and tree trunks throughout the space and in custom signage. With the project site not originally zoned for medical use, Hendy also was instrumental in facilitating permit approvals with the city.

“The team at Hendy took great care in understanding how to support Metagenics’ goals of designing a patient-centric destination that uniquely places our most important constituent at the center of it all,” said Brent Eck, CEO, at Metagenics. “We are still optimizing our full patient experience, but so far, our new space has been well received by physicians and clients alike, and we couldn’t be prouder of the way in which Hendy captured our requirements and partnered with us to bring Metagenics’ vision to the layout and design of this new facility. The result enables us to truly deliver the white-glove experience we strive to provide for every one of our clients.”

Metagenics’ new Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Center reflects its beliefs in functional medicine as the foundation of an operating model to enable a revolutionary, personalized experience that supports patients on their journey to their best health. Applying these insights, along with evidence-based design, the result is a comprehensive facility that unifies solutions for a patient’s lifelong health goals under a single roof.

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