Temporary Space Solution

Made from 10-foot traditional shipping containers, ootBox is a beautiful, comfortable, fully equipped (HVAC, furnishings, and flooring) space designed to provide a temporary solution for those looking for additional room. The leasable space is fully customizable to fit the needs of any healthcare facility whether that be a COVID-19 testing site, drive-thru lab services, or administering tests and treatment to chronically ill patients that don’t want to be exposed to the rest of the hospital.

By being placed outside the hospital walls, foot traffic is reduced and patients and staff can remain safe. The leasability of ootBox allows healthcare systems to use the box now (leasing on a monthly basis) and return it in the future when there is no longer a need for outdoor care locations. As no one can predict the future, ootBox provides a versatile solution to the current needs of the healthcare industry.

(Images show ootBox deployed at MVHC Zanesville in Ohio)