Toilet Seat Cover System

Today’s customers expect hands-free technology in the restroom. It’s time the toilet seat cover joins that higher level of customer expectation. The signature Evogen® NT is the new standard in toilet seat cover systems. The first and only hands-free toilet seat cover dispensing system, Evogen is a patent-pending fully contained system. With Evogen, there is no unhygienic pre-displaying of the product. Instead, all seat covers are kept clean inside the dispenser—and, with a wave of the hand, a single cover is dispensed automatically. The seat cover is presented from the dispenser fully open and ready to use—no folds and no tabs to tear.

Evogen has a similar footprint to existing dispensers, improves the image of the restroom, and dispenses a thicker and heavier paper for a superior sanitary barrier. Auto-dispense prevents malicious overuse, and the auto-flush tongue makes sure the seat cover flushes down with the water.

Hospeco Brands