Sound-Absorption Panels

G&S Acoustics has introduced aCapella, its newest line of customized sound absorption polyester panels. The aCapella line features six state-of-the-art sound control products with unlimited design possibilities and an exceptional environmental profile.

Made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and post-consumer waste, aCapella’s thermally bonded polyester acoustic boards produce a low impact on the environment. Recycled polyester provides safe, chemical-free conditions for optimum human and planetary health. These lightweight but durable panels are bleach cleanable (10:1), Class A fire-rated and meet NRC requirements.

The six aCapella products offer acoustical solutions for any project team wanting to combine sound-reducing properties with creative, out-of-the-box and even unexpected panel configurations. Ideal for open-concept places such as office spaces, schools, hospitals, and restaurants, the aCapella line is engineered to create a soothing atmosphere in areas prone to high ambient noise levels.

From hanging ceiling panels in a bustling cafeteria to dangling circles in an office lobby, there are limitless applications of aCapella products. Available in custom sizes and shapes, designers can choose from a palette of 16 bright colors, which eliminates the need for the products to be wrapped in fabric and makes the panels easy to clean and maintain.

G&S Acoustics