Integrated Downlighting Solution

With the introduction of integrated downlighting solutions for its WoodWorks® Ceiling Systems, Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions is ensuring a flush fit between the downlight and the ceiling panel for a sleek visual.

Pre-engineered downlight solutions from USAI® Lighting are certified for fit and finish and seismically tested to work with Armstrong® WoodWorks Grille, WoodWorks Grille Tegular, and WoodWorks Linear Solid Wood panels. Designed to sit flush with the face of the ceiling panel, the downlight fixtures illuminate a space beautifully, while virtually disappearing into the ceiling.

Available in two downlight styles, including USAI BeveLED Mini® for WoodWorks and USAI Micro™ for WoodWorks, the fixtures are engineered and tested to integrate seamlessly with standard Armstrong suspension systems and varying panel depths. They are approved for use in all areas including seismic DEF zones.

The downlights are suspended directly from the suspension system. There is no need for independent support of the fixture or modification of the suspension system, which makes them easy to install, field modify, and adjust.

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions