Surface-Mounted LED Luminaire

Nora Lighting’s surface-mounted SURF LED luminaire has the appearance of a recessed downlight, and is available in contemporary round and square models with sharp corners and regressed baffles for an architectural look.

SURF features a unique edge-lit light guide with embedded honeycomb lens that offers comfortable, glare-free lighting not typically found in surface-mounted fixtures. The luminaire mounts directly over a standard or fire-rated junction box and has a thin 11/16” finished profile. It includes a DC dimmable driver (Triac / ELV).

SURF can be specified in 4” (650lm) or 7” (1000lm) round and 4” (650lm) or 7” (900lm) square. The series is available in a white finish with an aluminum back plate that dissipates the heat away from the luminaire.

Nora Lighting