New Emirati Hospital Showcases Enhanced Security System

By Eric Althoff

FUJAIRAH, United Arab Emirates—The new Sheikh Khalifa Central Hospital has opened in the UAE on the eastern edge of the emirate of Fujairah. The hospital comprises a 32-bed emergency department, three-story rehabilitation building and 11 specialized medical departments. In addition, the new medical facility will offer parking space for 700 vehicles as well.

Because the new medical facility has brought together a wide range of doctors and specialties under one room, an integrated, umbrella surveillance and security system was needed to service the hospital’s various areas. Accordingly, the Sheikh Khalifa Central Hospital outsourced the fashioning of a video security system to a firm called Siqura, which has offices in Dubai. Siqura worked with another contractor, TKH Security, to install the cameras for the security system.

In a news release about the hospital unveiling, Tariq Anwer, sales director for the Middle East & West Asia with Siqura, said that his firm worked to achieve the video security guidelines that are now required in Fujairah.

“The video surveillance component consists of around 700 different Siqura cameras, working with VDG Sense video management software and storage from TKH Security,” Anwer said. “The iProtect access control system, also from TKH Security, manages around 400 doors with card and pin authentication. [The] iProtect security management system is able to flawlessly fulfill the set of complex requirements demanded by this client.”

Anwer added that the Sheikh Khalifa Central Hospital was a particularly proud achievement for his firm given the challenge of multiple security systems’ being integrated under one roof. He said that all aspects of the system are managed by personnel on an upper floor of the hospital.

“Among others, some of the following features are implemented: managing visitors on-site and mustering system for emergency evacuation,” he said. “This is in addition to the integration option with third-party systems, for example baby-monitoring.”

The security system’s other features include active directory integration, tracing of visitors, emergency evacuation facilitation and ID card printing at a single user interface portal.

Both Siqura and TKH Security fall under the banner of TKH Group, a firm with over 5,500 employees around the world. The umbrella company says that it fashions innovative telecom and industrial building solutions for its various clients.