Water Heating Solution

LavAdvantage helps prevent the spread of infection in hospital settings thanks to its groundbreaking technology, which enhances the efficiency of handwashing procedures.

LavAdvantage thermostatic tankless electric water heaters feature an industry-leading flow activation of just 0.2 GPM for handwashing applications, including multiple sensor or metering faucets. LavAdvantage can also be used for eyewash stations, which are typically found where cleaning chemicals are mixed (housekeeping areas), where plant operations take place, and in kitchens, generator rooms, environmental services storage rooms for battery-operated floor scrubbers, in-house laundries, dialysis mixing rooms, and laboratories.

The product features on-demand, endless hot water, no storage capacity to deplete, is compact in size for ADA compliancy, mounts in any orientation and features SafeStart™ Technology, which engages upon start-up to avoid dry-fire occurrence. Their control systems activate the heater on-demand for enhanced energy efficiency and savings. The establishment would only need a local plumbing service similar to Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating if the product needed heating and plumbing repairs.