Surface Cleaner/Disinfectant

PUR:ONE is a one-step cleaning and disinfection solution for high-touch surfaces and floors, and the new front-end component of the all-encompassing EvaClean System. But, PUR:ONE does much more than fill a necessary gap in environmental hygiene.  It’s the first single-step cleaner and disinfectant to receive EPA registration as effective against bacteria in biofilm, and is on K-List of approved products for use in cases of Candida auris, plus other emerging pathogen threats, which are vital concerns in healthcare. While PUR:ONE is powerful enough to kill C. diff in four minutes, this broad-spectrum chemistry also works for daily cleaning and floor disinfection, the latter typically lacking in most cleaning protocols. With a top NFPA rating of triple zero, it’s also safer for personnel, patrons and patients, and the only sporicidal disinfectant that won’t damage equipment or floor finishes.