Modular Carpet Collection

Tarkett, a leader in innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions, has launched Interleave Modular Carpet, a collaboration with Jhane Barnes. Interleave provides a calming effect that resonates in many commercial environments, including corporate, healthcare, and higher education spaces. For the making of Interleave, designer Jhane Barnes began with a simple gradating stripe as a background pattern. She then transformed the same series of stripes into sine curves, introducing a biophilic element that our brains instinctively recognize. Created with high-quality, solution dyed Dynex SD® Nylon yarn fiber, Interleave modular tiles provide permanent stain resistance, with cationic properties inherent to the structure of the fiber. Available in 18” x 36” tiles, Interleave can be installed in a vertical ashlar or herringbone layout. The linear background and soft curves in the pattern’s foreground are reminiscent of raking patterns within a Zen garden. 

 Tarkett North America