Improved Access Control Platform

Triax Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of technology for the connected jobsite, added new access control capabilities to its Spot-r platform, providing advanced perimeter visibility to increase construction site safety and security and reduce contractors’ general liability risk. Now, with the new offering, contractors have real-time, end-to-end visibility into worker location, safety events and activities in one solution – from when they enter and work throughout the jobsite, until they leave. This is particularly helpful for maintaining security at hospitals, healthcare facilities and other public settings with day-to-day activities in progress. By integrating access control with Triax’s proprietary network and wearable clip, contractors can control jobsite entry and exit, as well as monitor worker locations, providing peace of mind in sensitive environments.

A key component of the access control system includes the Spot-r Clip, an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor, which provides a multipurpose credential for workers on the jobsite, replacing RFID tags and badges for easy site entry and identification. These clips are synched to a worker profile in the Spot-r dashboard, allowing supervisors to manage worker certifications to ensure compliance with regulations, providing a higher level of control over who is and isn’t permitted to access a jobsite.

Triax Technologies, Inc.