Light Engine Electrical Receptacle

Amerlux , a design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced the launch of a high-tech, electrical receptacle for its Avista light engine that will turn humble light posts into the bold underpinnings of a smart city.

Amerlux’s 7-pin option, used in conjunction with its Avista pedestrian light engine, can transform any lamp post into a wireless communication device that can connect to larger municipal networks. Reminiscent of when phones became “smarter” with apps, Amerlux is designing products that leverage existing circuit boards in LEDs to become compatible with a variety of sensors that drastically change the utility of lighting.

The Avista light engine is available in three options: standard without an electrical socket, 3-pin with a NEMA twist-lock electrical receptacle and the 7-pin with a NEMA socket and “extra” pins that add dimming capabilities and access to a world of cutting-edge sensors.