Single Phase Buck/Boost Step-Down Transformer

Larson Electronics LLC, has released a new single-phase buck and boost step down transformer. This NEMA 3R rated transformer provides increased reliability, higher efficiency, protection against critical equipment failures and an isolated power source. This unit is suitable for both indoor and outdoor non-hazardous applications such as air conditioners, lighting systems, heating elements, motor applications and any other operations that require the ability to power loads that differ from the available line voltage.

The MT-BBT-272V-240V-35.42A from Larson Electronics is a single-phase buck and boost step-down transformer with an 8.5 KVA rating. The step-down buck/boost unit has a primary voltage of 272V AC, using a maximum of 31.25 amps on the primary side, and a secondary voltage of 240V providing up to 35.42 amps on the secondary side. Buck/boost transformers direct most of the load voltage directly through the transformer, which only transforms a small percentage. This equates to a smaller and quieter step-up transformer that provides users with significant energy savings and environmental benefits.

The MT-BBT-272V-240V-35.42A provides reliability, efficiency, critical equipment failure protection, and additional protection by isolating the power source from the connected device. The housing is constructed of painted steel with winding formed from high quality precision cut copper for improved performance. Closed tolerances eliminate burrs to further enhance performance, and each core in this transformer is special coating to help resist the ingress of moisture. The MT-BBT-272V-240V-35.42A is encapsulated in silica sand and resin and cased in a NEMA 3R steel enclosure.

Larson Electronics LLC