Healthcare Facilities Management Forum Kicks Off Oct. 19

DALLAS – Up to 70 directors of healthcare facilities will meet in Dallas for the complimentary Healthcare Facilities Management Forum on Oct. 19-20, 2015. With a unique appointment-based format of one-on-one meetings, seminars led by industry leaders and peer-to-peer networking opportunities, the forum is recognized as an efficient method for sourcing new solutions in the healthcare facilities industry. Sponsors include Axis Communications, Detex, Kimberly Clark and Bradley Corporation.
Appointment-based events are revolutionizing the networking industry and are considered by many decision makers to be the best way to learn about new products on a personalized basis. Unlike a traditional trade show, executives or delegate attendees select solution providers of their choice from a catalog prior to the forum. At the event they meet one-on-one for 30-minute consultative appointments with those providers to discuss their needs and tailor services to their facility.
“My main reason for attending the forum is to engage in discussions with different vendors to, hopefully, seek out innovative technologies on the market and bring new ideas back to my organization,” said attendee Mark Paige, director of environmental and linen services at Dimensions Healthcare Services.
The forum also hosts a seminar program led by industry experts covering energy efficiency operations, sustainability, capital forecasting, LED-lighting and construction management.
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The appointment-based format serves as an efficient method to connect with the most relevant providers. “We tailor the entire event to the delegate attendee,” said Steve Parsloe, CEO of Forum Events. “When [attendees] register, our team of event organizers reaches out to them and finds out each attendee’s specific needs. We then find the best-suited providers and make the connection at the forum.”
The day-and-a-half event provides the most efficient method for industry learning and networking, and the most productive relationship building for attending vendors.
Solution providers attending the Healthcare Facilities Management Forum – Dallas include Axis Communications, Armstrong International, AVO Training Institute Inc., Belimo Americas, Bradley Corporation, Detex, Dryvit Systems, Ecolab, Hussey Seating, Kimberly Clark Professional, Lakeside Project Solutions, LG Electronics, MySmartPlans, Resolute Building Intelligence, Rinnai Corporation, Scranton Products, SmartWatt Energy Inc., The Enpro Group, TOTO, and Veritiv.
Registration closes on Friday, Oct. 9. For more information, visit or
Yasmin Parsloe is the director of communications at Forum Events.