Bradley Launches First-of-Its-Kind Lavatory System

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. — Bradley Corporation, a manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and restroom accessories, launched the all-in-one touchless design of its Advocate AV-Series Lavatory System in late June. Because the soap, water and hand dryer are all within easy reach the Advocate Lavatory System — the first of its kind — sets a new standard in terms of convenience, comfort and safety in commercial washrooms.

The system is designed so that users can move their hands from left to right, starting with a touchless soap dispenser, moving to a touchless faucet and finishing with the high-efficiency, dual-sided hand dryer. As a result, users don’t have to move from the station to look for soap or towels — eliminating water splashing and the possibility of a patient slipping. Plus, the design guarantees that water goes down the drain, as opposed to on the floor or down the walls.

It is the greenest lavatory system available in the market, according to Bradley, with a 0.38 GPM flow faucet, low-power hand dryer and Terreon recycled solid surface, which is Greenguard certified as low-emitting material. Additional accessories available for the Advocate Lavatory System are a paper towel dispenser, waste receptacle and storage cabinet.

Its all-in-one features allow for users to have their own personal space in public; however, each component can be separately replaced if any individual part of the system ever fails.

Since the product launch, it has won several awards, including the 2012 Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products magazine and platinum-level Award for Design Excellence from Design Journal magazine.

“Receiving the platinum-level ADEX award is a true honor, as well as an affirmation of Bradley’s exclusive all-in-one design for the new Advocate Lavatory System,” said Jon Dommisse, director of global marketing and strategic development for Bradley, in a press release statement. “We take pride in the fact that our washroom products — most recently the Advocate Lav System — continue to meet the highest design standards while incorporating product features that matter most to architects and building owners. We are thrilled that the innovation, sustainability, comfort, convenience and safety features of this new product have all struck a chord with the architectural community.”