Cubicle Curtain Factory offers a one-size-fits-all curtain, with a 66-square-inch panels that can be replaced as necessary. The sectioned-curtain complies with health codes, which state a soiled linen must be completely removed, according to the company.

The curtain’s panels overlap to ensure patient privacy and attach to the mesh top, which allows water from sprinklers to pass through in case of a fire. The curtains come in a variety of patterns and are connected with snaps.

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Medication Crushers

EPS Inc. introduces tablet crushers to its line of patient care products. They are designed to crush medication for patients who won’t or can’t swallow tablets. They are manufactured from shatter-proof, lightweight plastic and are available in four colors.

The product is also available as a heavy-duty metal crusher, made from die-cast stainless steel. Each unit comes with durable stainless steel fittings. They use .75-ounce or 1-ounce crush cups to eliminate cross-contamination.

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MRI Chiller

Multistack LLC introduces the Airstack ASP 5-ton MRI chiller, designed specifically for dedicated cooling of magnetic resonance imaging equipment, linear accelerators, laboratories and other critical medical applications. The unit’s air-cooled design removes heat that can damage expensive, life-saving medical equipment, according to the manufacturer. It uses advanced digital scroll technology to continuously adjust cooling power to maintain precisely the desired temperature.

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IV Poles

The Crest E-Z Glide IV pole is available in four stylish colors: blue, green, red and silver. The color options allow for easy color-coding in facilities. Stability and patient mobility are provided with a five-leg base whose sure-grip surface allows for easy navigation.

The pole features five twin 2-inch casters for smooth gliding. The pole is adjustable from 54 inches to 94 inches total height and is made of lightweight anodized aluminum. It can accommodate a wide range of accessories – pumps and monitors, catheter bags, tourniquet systems – with a four-hook configuration.

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Portable Anteroom System

Mintie Technologies’ new IcoRoom Portable Anteroom System is designed to help hospitals protect their patients and staff members against the spread of airborne TB bacteria from infected patients, as well as other airborne infectious diseases. The system consists of a lightweight, collapsible anteroom and a high-volume, high-efficiency HEPA filtration negative air machine.

The anteroom is designed to replicate permanent negative-pressure anterooms, which the CDC has identified as effective in containing airborne infectious droplet nuclei, such as TB.

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Diagnostic Imaging Display

Planar Systems Inc., a provider of flat panel display systems, has announced the Dome EX line, which includes a 4-megapixel color diagnostic display medically certified for the health care field. Designed for use in many areas of a health care facility, the display features a widescreen, 16:9 format that simplifies comparison studies by eliminating the image split associated with dual-head monitors, providing more screen space for multiple images.

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Bondtech Corp. specializes in the sale and manufacturing of autoclaves and autoclave systems. The company supplies systems to the medical waste treatment industry and offers complete turnkey installation and maintenance service. The company’s systems are high-vacuum, high-pressure systems.

Autoclaves are subject to a pre-vacuum cycle, pulsating saturated-steam cycle, and a post-vacuum cycle to facilitate more uniform penetration of steam into the medical waste to be treated. The high vacuum is achieved by using a liquid seal vacuum pump or a steam ejector.

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