IP Speaker

The newest addition to Viking’s line of VoIP paging speakers is a 2’ x 2’ drop-in ceiling tile IP speaker for SIP endpoint or multicast / paging. As an added benefit it can also make standard and / or emergency SIP calls.

The 22TB-IP is a PoE powered paging speaker. It can operate as a SIP endpoint device for one-way and two-way voice paging. It can also operate as a multicast paging device with the ability to receive up to 10 multicast paging streams.

A hard-wired button connected to the 22TB-IP can initiate a SIP phone call. The built-in microphone enables monitoring of an area in the event a silent alarm is activated. The 22TB-IP can be programmed to automatically adjust to ambient room noise.

Separate audio outputs from the 22TB-IP can connect to the line level input of an external amplifier or power up to 5 additional 8 Ohm speakers or horns. An on-board form-c relay contact can be programmed using the included IP Programming software to trigger a strobe light, door strike, doorbell and more.

Viking Electronics

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