Flat Surface Cleaning System

The SPHERGO system—lighter-weight tools designed to clean using less motion and less time while also reducing awkward bending—minimizes ergonomic challenges for workers who perform manual surface cleaning, vertical cleaning, and floor care. The company’s new SPHERGO POP® option provides these same ergonomic benefits but with the added benefit of no-touch disposal to prevent transmission of germs to the user or other surfaces. No need to touch soiled pads, keeping dirt, debris, and pathogens where they belong.

The new Press-N-Go base is designed for use with reusable microfiber pads for floor care and surface cleaning. The pad easily presses onto the SPHERGO POP base and adheres with a hook-and-loop closure. When it’s time to clean and launder the pad, simply squeeze the release lever to pop the pad—touch free—from the base. Then press on a new pad and go!

The new Tuck-N-Go base is designed for use with wet or dry, non-woven, bi-fold disposable wipers. Wipers are put in place on the surface of the tool and the edges wrap up and tuck under a parallel plate that sits just above the cleaning surface. Users just press the two plates together and the wiper is locked in place. When cleaning is complete, squeeze the release lever and the plates separate and the pad slides—touch free—away from the base.



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