Lavatory Decks

Willoughby Industries announced an addition to its commercial lavatory lineup: the Envy two- and three-station solid surface lavatory systems. The durable new lavatory decks, available in nine designer colors, are perfect for high-traffic restroom facilities. The lavatory deck is cast as one solid piece of Aquasurf with the pedestal fabricated from Type 304 stainless steel. The company’s patented Aquasurf material is a proprietary blend of molded cast polymer densified solid surface material which is resistant to stains, impacts and burns. The pedestal features a shroud access panel secured with vandal-resistant screws for ease of fixture installation and maintenance. Willoughby Industries has been a manufacturer of commercial grade stainless steel and solid surface plumbing products and accessories since 1947. Willoughby focuses on supplying the commercial, health care, recreational, and security industries with products of superior quality and durability.

Willoughby Industries


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