Behavioral Health Furnishings

Stance Healthcare introduces the Lotus Casegoods collection, a triumph in healthcare furniture design that recently earned the prestigious Nightingale Gold Award in the Furniture Collections category and an Innovation Award. This cutting-edge collection is meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, prioritizing environmental consciousness while setting new standards for safety in behavioral health spaces.

With a focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly environment, the collection brings a touch of warmth to behavioral health spaces with its wood-grained appearance, fostering a calming ambience for patients.

Safety is paramount in healthcare settings, particularly in behavioral health spaces. The Lotus Casegoods collection has been meticulously designed to address this concern with ligature-resistant features, ensuring the well-being of patients. Its open design further minimizes the risk of concealment, aligning with the highest safety standards in healthcare environments.

Stance Healthcare