Transcend Series Entrances

Dawson Metal Company, a manufacturer of high-quality metal fabrications and architectural products, announces the launch of its newest innovation for commercial entrances — the Transcend Series thermally broken entrances.

Transcend Series doors feature a reinforced polyamide strip fixed between the inside and outside aluminum profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the frame that reduces heat conduction through the door’s metal framing. With over 75 years of experience in fabricating entrances, Dawson Metal Company has launched a new innovation to any architectural entrance in the commercial industry.

The Transcend Series is an industry leader in energy efficiency and air infiltration, featuring groundbreaking thermally broken technology that prevents deterioration caused by condensation and the lowest U-Value for energy loss. Tested at a rate of .19 cfm/ft^2—below the industry standard rate of 1cfm/ft^2—Transcend boasts a cutting-edge standard for thermal efficiency, with a Thermal Simulation Report Rate of .45 BTU/hour*ft^2F°. Its efficiency for water infiltration is unparalleled, with zero leakage at a 1.0 psf pressure differential at over 300 gallons per hour.

The series offers dramatically improved heating and cooling costs with a fully-glazed door and frame using 1″ low-E insulated glass. Its overall NFRC U-value greatly surpasses the current energy requirement of .77, and its higher condensation resistance factor reduces interior frost build-up.

Dawson Metal Company