Airflow Control Valve

Phoenix Controls, a leader in precision airflow control solutions for critical environments, announced recently the launch of the Theris™ Flex venturi valves to support healthcare facilities control directional airflow with high precision. The new Phoenix Controls’ Theris Flex venturi valve is designed to help healthcare facilities use directional airflow and pressurization to control airflow based on a space’s demands – limiting the spread of airborne pathogens, improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and increasing room-state flexibility.

The valve, an expansion of the Theris Airflow Control family, offers a versatile, cost-effective way to introduce pressurization and directional airflow into sensitive spaces where such capabilities may have previously seemed cost prohibitive. The consistent directional airflow created by the valve can minimize dead zones of stagnant air, reducing the risk of cross-contamination from pathogens and pollutants. In addition, healthcare facilities equipped with the precision of the Theris Flex venturi valve can see a reduction in energy consumption from a lower air volume without compromising room pressurization needs.

The valve is ideal for a wide variety of specialized spaces and applications, such as healthy building initiatives, patient rooms, pandemic readiness, ER departments, procedure rooms and imaging spaces.

Phoenix Controls Theris Flex venturi valves can also perform to meet the ever-growing needs of isolation spaces requiring negative pressure. The onboard controller can be programmed to change room pressurization from neutral to negative pressure in response to containment or the isolation needs of any pandemic situation.

Phoenix Controls