Easy-to-Install Troffer Series

Kenall continues striving to meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suites and imaging centers, with the introduction of its new MedMaster™ MRIGT series. This lightweight series of easy-to-install ceiling luminaires is constructed of non-ferrous materials and remote power supplies to provide safe operation with sensitive MRI equipment.

The MedMaster MRIGT is available in two sizes (2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’) and is NSF2-rated for easy cleaning and sanitation in healthcare settings. Made by a company you know and trust, and protected by Kenall’s 5-year warranty, the MedMaster MRIGT works with a wide variety of controls systems.

Kenall has a full slate of new LED lighting product introductions planned for 2022, including the recently introduced EnviroPro® IN9 for natatoriums and the MedMaster MPH headwall luminaire for healthcare facilities.