Cooling Units

Pfannenberg, Inc., a global manufacturer of thermal management technologies, has announced the release of updated 34X1C / DTS 36X1C Series Cooling Units, which offer superior capacity, more efficient design, and a robust build to ensure a longer service life of the cooling unit.

The new DTS 34X1C / DTS 36X1C Series Cooling Units are designed to take up less space while delivering greater cooling capacity. These units boast the highest power to cooling ratio available on the market. The DTS 34X1C Units provide 1.5ton of cooling capacity, while the DTS 36X1C units provide up to 2ton capacity at normal operation.

The electrical system of these cooling units has been updated to include a smaller and simpler power connecter, to reduce the protrusion of the connecter into the cabinet, thus freeing up valuable real estate. Other features include, easy panel access and a front status LED display to helps simplified maintenance or service interval.

Both units are ideal for high heat loads, especially high horsepower drive enclosures.

Pfannenberg, Inc.