Physical Security Information Management: Mitigating Risk in a Health Care Environment

Events such as the 2010 fatal shootings at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, and the theft of thousands of opioid pain relievers over a six-month period by a Minnesota hospital nurse — are examples of why security remains one of the biggest challenges faced by health care facility professionals.

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ADA Shower Base

Willoughby Industries Inc. introduces an ADA-compliant solid surface shower base with an integral trench drain. It is designed to help eliminate standing water outside of ADA shower bases. The unit is a molded, one-piece design and incorporates a 1-inch-deep drain at the front of the base.

The trench drain is pitched to allow water to drain rather than flow out of the base onto the floor. The product is manufactured with the company’s Aquasurf solid surface.

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Wheelchair Scales

Scale-Tronix offers stand-on and wheelchair scales that take up less space in a health care environment. They mount snug to the wall and protrude 4 inches when not in use. The generously sized weighing platform folds down and there is limited bending or lifting required.

The battery-powered digital scales automatically turn on and zero as the platform is opening. Shut-off is also automatic. The weighing surface is only 1-1/2-inches high for easy patient access. Capacity is 660 pounds.

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Handicapped Access

Leesburg Concrete Company Inc. provides handicapped access systems. The modular step, ramp and landing components are “relocatable” and can be configured in a wide range of combinations to fill location site requirements. Guardrails are manufactured for universal fit and installation. The components are constructed of precast, reinforced concrete. Ramp, step and landing components feature a cast-in, non-slip texture. The landing components are available in standard sizes and tie together ramp and step components to provide for maximum traffic flow and access.

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