New Orleans’ Hurricane Proof VA Hospital

NEW ORLEANS – Among the losses of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding it brought to the Gulf Coast, perhaps one of the greatest blows was the destruction of vital structures like VA medical hospital in the New Orleans area. Now the Department of Veterans Affairs is constructing a replacement, which is intended as a massive upgrade over the previous facility.

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HKS Hospitals Make “Top 20” List

DALLAS — San Francisco-based HKS Architects have reason to celebrate, as four of the company’s hospital designs have been named among the “20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in America,” in an annual list by Soliant Health.

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New Orleans Hotel Imploded for New Medical Center

NEW ORLEANS — A new hospital complex, the University Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans is set to be the single largest hospital construction site in the world, according to a statement.

What was once the old Delta Towers/Grand Palace building was imploded on Sunday to make room for the new Charity Hospital and new Veterans Affairs Hospital as part of the University Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans, which is expected to cost more than $2 billion and be funded by state general funds and other capital financing.

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U.S Hospitals Ranked in Global Top 100 List

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — C.S. Mott Children’s and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospitals at the University of Michigan have made KPMG’s top 100 most innovative and inspiring infrastructure projects in the world.

KPMG provides audit, tax and advisory services along with industry insight for firms to help mitigate risk and take opportunities. The top 100 list is a new, globally recognized report that showcases worldwide projects.

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Hospital Noise Project IDs Sources, Challenges of Noise Reduction

CHICAGO, Ill. — Results of a new study evaluating noise reduction measures in hospitals across the U.S. point to ways to improve patient satisfaction and care.

The study, released in late April, examined how hospitals are structuring their efforts, where in facilities administrators were focusing attention and what kind of success they were seeing.

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Calif. Passes Quake Safety Extension For Hospitals

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Healthcare facilities under a tight deadline to make retrofits to meet state earthquake-safety requirements, now have the option to receive an extension of up to seven years.

The Assembly health committee approved a bill requiring 90 high-risk hospitals to undergo a “collapse risk” assessment in order to qualify for an extension of up to seven years for the earthquake safety deadline. Additional hospitals are being evaluated to determine if they qualify as high-risk.

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