Hand Dryers

World Dryer introduces the WorldStone line of dryer covers for the Model A and AirMax automatic dryers. The new line of covers provides a tough and attractive alternative to traditional steel and cast-iron covers, and it can be produced in almost any color or pattern.

The dryer cover is made of a proprietary thermoset polymer similar to that used in the automotive industry for high-temperature applications like valve covers and other engine components. The material has a 5V UL flame rating, and will not melt. The product also includes an embedded antimicrobial agent.

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Just Manufacturing’s Enviro 770 Series combine sensor faucets, thermostatic mixing valves, p-trap and drain systems, as well as removable partitions on multi-station units. A removable front access panel also allows for maintenance access.

The scrub sinks feature pre-piped stainless steel for easy installation, and are available in 1-, 2-, or 3-station units.

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