Architect Chosen for Tehachapi Hospital Project

By Eric Althoff

TEHACHAPI, Calif.—Remediation of asbestos and lead will be part of a redesign project for the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District’s old hospital building. According to Tehachapi News, the project site, located at 115 W. E. St., requires remediation of those toxic elements, which have been found in walls, paint and floor tiles. However, no mold was discovered during a site audit.

The local architect, which is called “studio.,” also of Tehachapi, was awarded the renovation project. The firm studio will design the retrofit as well as assist with permitting, construction and ADA compliance.

According to the report in the Tehachapi News, studio.’s goals for the renovation of the healthcare facility include evaluation of both the exterior and interior of the edifice and drafting a plan for where the mechanical features will go—as well as where carpets, signage and cabinets will be added or removed.

Randy Weinstein, owner and principal designer with studio., was quoted in the article as promising that his firm will evaluate the older parts of the hospital to see which features can be saved and thereby incorporated into the new design paradigm.

The Tehachapi District paid for a Summary of Comprehensive Asbestos, Lead and Moisture Intrusion Inspection Findings analysis of mold and asbestos, which was completed in September. Yowell Environmental Services of Bakersfield, California, performed this services. While Yowell did not find mold in their inspection, water had nonetheless leaked into various sections of the building, which would require attention as part of the project.

Other design work by architect studio. includes redesigning interior spaces for various boutiques as well as renovations of residential towers around Southern California.

The precise cost of the construction work in Tehachapi will be determined once the architect submits a preliminary design plan, followed by bids on construction contractors. However, the Tehachapi News estimates that the project cost could top $1 million.

Tehachapi is a small community of just over 12,000 people located in Southern California’s “High Desert” country near Edwards Air Force Base.