Massachusetts General Hospital Announces $1 Billion Expansion

By Roxanne Squires

BOSTON — A $1 billion campus expansion is in the works for Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in an effort to meet the population demands that continue to grow in the region.

MGH president Peter Slavin announced recently that the hospital’s plans include building a 12-story structure for 450 single-bed rooms housed in a pair of connected towers. The expansion will create more exam rooms, infusion centers, dietary, pharmacy and clinical support services, and a café.

Additionally, a seven-story utilities building will be erected on campus along with six levels of underground parking that can fit over 1,000 vehicles.

Ultimately, the hospital will expand inpatient rooms, operating rooms and outpatient clinical areas.

Slavin described the proposed hospital as a “much-needed, vital structure that will enable the MGH to deliver 21st century care in a 21st century environment.”

The hospital said that the heart and cancer centers will provide exceptional care, while the facility will also provide designated inpatient beds for thoracic surgery, vascular surgery and general medicine.

 “Moving several large services to the new facility will free up space in existing buildings, creating an opportunity to expand programs to address specific needs, such as increasing the number of behavioral health inpatient beds for adults, creating a pediatric behavioral health inpatient unit, and expanding the substance use disorder program,” Slavin said in his email.

The hospital’s major development project is slated to begin in 2020 and completed by 2026, with a significant source of funding coming from philanthropy, according to Slavin.

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