Disinfectant Spray

A year after introducing a redesigned surface sanitation system, Goodway Technologies is announcing an even more portable option with BioSpray-10. It has many of the same features as its predecessor, BioSpray-20, but in a smaller, lightweight system that is beneficial for on-the-go applications.

Compared to trigger-spray bottles or wipes, the BioSpray-10 system delivers sanitizer faster, and with better coverage while reducing the overall volume of sanitizer needed. The technology reduces labor time by up to 63 percent while applying up to 88 percent less product, as validated by independent lab testing and certifications.

BioSpray-10 and BioSpray D2 quick drying alcohol based sanitizer are safe for use around water-sensitive equipment and machinery. The patented system provides faster and more effective sanitation in any environment. The system uses an innovative CO2 delivery technology to safely and effectively apply EPA-registered BioSpray D2 sanitizer in a lab calibrated stream for full coverage that reaches smaller cracks and crevices.

While alcohol sanitizers typically cannot be sprayed in large volumes due to flammability concerns, BioSpray D2 sanitizer is certified non-flammable with an ASTM D-3065 No-Flame rating when applied to hard surfaces using one of Goodway’s BioSpray Surface Sanitation Systems. Water-based sanitizers carry a risk due to microbial growth concerns, making alcohol sanitizers especially desirable. The BioSpray D2 sanitizer contains 58 percent isopropyl alcohol content which completely dries off the water balance within 60 seconds after application, leaving the environment 100 percent free from residual moisture. The no-rinse, non-corrosive product sanitizes surfaces within 60 seconds and disinfects in five minutes.


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