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Proper installation of electrical wiring in healthcare applications is critical to ensure that the equipment being powered does not short or overload, causing harm to a patient. AFC Cable Systems, a leading manufacturer of electrical products, makes lighting applications safer, easier, and more efficient by complying with all applicable NEC requirements.

MC LUMINARY HCF CABLE: Combines electric lighting power and control circuits under a single interlocked armor for use with energy-saving LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures in healthcare applications as well as with dimming systems in patient areas. These enhancements reduce lighting costs by automatically turning off the lights when the room is not in use and can ensure the comfort of patients by providing an adjustable amount of light. Putting power and control under one armor can save up to 30% in labor and installation costs compared to traditional wiring methods. With a dual grounding path that enhances safety, MC Luminary HCF has been approved for use in patient care areas under NEC Article 517.13.

HCF-90 STEEL ARMORED CABLE: Designed for use in hospitals and patient care areas including nursing homes, dental offices, and outpatient facilities, the HCF-90 features a full-size green insulated copper grounding conductor plus an armor/bond wire combination to provide redundant ground or isolated grounding capability. The conductors are insulated with moisture- and fire-retardant paper wrap that meets all applicable OSHA requirements, creating an additional layer of safety as necessary in these medical environments. Features interlocking galvanized steel armor and is UL® Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations.

MC-STAT CABLE: Hospital-grade metal-clad cables with two ground fault paths that meet NEC Article 517 requirements. Provides branch circuits for any application requiring isolated or redundant grounding, or normal or general-purpose power in healthcare settings. Features interlocking galvanized steel armor and is UL Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations.

AFC Cable Systems

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