Bulb-Crushing Machine

While many facilities have become dependent on the fluorescent light, disposing of these mercury-laden bulbs in the required environmentally prudent way can be a serious inconvenience. Drum-top bulb-crushing machines, like TerraCycle’s BulbEater 3, can compact the spent bulbs and safely capture the mercury contained within.  This option is particularly convenient when facilities do large bulb replacement projects.  A steel drum can hold as many as 1,300 T8 linear bulbs when crushed with a BulbEater.  By crushing bulbs, you can fit three times the spent bulbs as boxing and storing the bulbs.

TerraCycle is a global leader in the collection and repurposing of complex waste streams, ranging from used cigarette butts and coffee capsules to ocean plastics and beauty care products.

Terracycle BulbEater



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