Paging Speaker

Designed for single-zone and multicast paging, the 40-IP Paging Speaker interfaces with hosted and on-premise VoIP SIP phone systems and can interface with analog amplifiers and speakers. The 40-IP Paging Speaker connects to compatible hosted and on-premise VoIP phone systems both an SIP endpoint device and as part of a multicast-paging group. It can broadcast regular voice pages as well as background music, emergency alerts, and class bell/break tones. The 40-IP also has an amplified output capable of powering five additional 8-Ohm analog ceiling speakers and a line-level output for connecting to an existing amplifier or self-amplified speakers. The 40-IP easily connects with a single CAT5/6 cable from a PoE switch. An optional security code can add an extra layer of protection against unauthorized announcements. The security code, as well as auto-provisioning and additional software features, can be enabled and customized using Viking’s free programming software.



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