Vital Signs Device

Midmark Corporation introduces Midmark IQvitals Zone, the industry’s first diagnostic device to feature Bluetooth low energy technology that allows caregivers to effortlessly and securely connect their tablet or laptop to the device when vitals acquisition is initiated. IQvitals Zone changes the traditional workflow in vitals acquisition by establishing a direct wireless connection between vital signs measurement and the caregiver’s tablet or laptop — requiring no cables or manual pairing. The vital signs monitor automatically connects with the appropriate equipment when the caregiver places a tablet or laptop on the multi-use work surface or near the diagnostic device and initiates vitals acquisition. When the equipment is connected, caregivers can take patient vitals, review results and seamlessly import the information to an electronic medical records (EMR) system directly from their laptop or tablet. IQvitals Zone allows caregivers to capture five vital signs at the point of care, including: blood pressure, blood oxygen level and pulse, temperature and weight.

Midmark Corporation



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